Ma Men Tells Us When To Make The Donuts

Here to coincide with tomorrow night’s return of Mad Men is the second edition of Ma Men from Funny or Die. (Original after the jump.) Now, I don’t watch Mad Men (The full DVD sets are next door, waiting to be watched. I swear), but I think I get most of the jokes. They’re all sluts, right? Anyway, this is as sports related as you can get on a Saturday at the end of July. *pours out Sam Adams*

Am I the only one that never realized Joey McIntyre from New Kids On The Block is one of the guys in these videos? You have to wonder if Justin Timberlake will still be cranking out Omeletvilles at McIntyre’s age.

Fun Fact: Joey and TBL co-founder Jason are not related, however, Jason did dress up as Joey 4 consecutive Halloweens during college.

[h/t: FilmDrunk]

Because you want to see it first!

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