Video: Sarah Kaufman Slams Roxy Modafferi

Video: Sarah Kaufman Slams Roxy Modafferi


Video: Sarah Kaufman Slams Roxy Modafferi

Last night on Showtime, Sarah Kaufman fought MMA-blogosphere-favorite Roxanne Modafferi in a 135-pound women’s Strikeforce championship bout. I missed the card, but from what I’ve read, the highlight seems to be the end of this fight where Sarah Kaufman picked up Modaferri and slammed her onto the mat, immediately turning the lights out to retain her belt.

Now, if you had no idea what the title of this post meant, that’s OK. Following MMA can be time consuming. With all the fighters, organizations, countries and sanctioning bodies, it can get a little daunting. It’s more time-consuming if you want to follow women’s MMA which is smaller and thus garners less coverage.

This fight headlined* was on the undercard of a Strikeforce: Challengers card which is meant to feature up-and-coming fighters. What is a championship fight doing headlining on a Challengers card? No one knows. Strikeforce has a commitment to women’s MMA, but its not very strong. They have a chance to really promote women’s MMA, but they just seem to have it to have it. If Gina Carano or Cris Cyborg isn’t fighting, they don’t really care. They seem to televise the female fighters out of obligation.

Further, the Challengers cards are pointless. It’s been covered a million different places, but Strikeforce really needs to stop diluting their brand. Just do a Strikeforce show every month and spread out the talent. Are you losing money by removing the bogus “Challengers” tag? They must have paid for a patent and want to get their money’s worth.

I digress. Congratulations to Kaufman for defending her title. The win moves her to a perfect 12-0. In another 6 months, I might even mention her name again!

*Edit: The fight didn’t even headline which I would have known if I’d been home to watch it. Excuses, I know.Thanks to Fightlinker for pointing it out.

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