The Roundup: Alberto Contador Wins Tour de France, Seattle Dugout Fight, & Blake Lively at Comic Con

Blake Lively went to Comic-Con … “Pantsless burglar robs spa” … females and their padded panties … British man accused of killing his wife over her bridge-playing abilitiesFacebook feud allegedly leads to fatal car crash … Kings of Leon concert foiled by pigeon shit … Amanda Bynes has already unretired from actingCasey Affleck sued for sexual harassment, intends to countersue … Obama’s White House is too white … for a few days, a hospital mixed up who died and who survived in car accident …

The Tour de France is over. Alberto Contador of Spain won, edging out Andy Schleck. [Independent]

If you’ll be eating stadium food anytime soon, you may want to read this. [ESPN]

The Houston Cougars could be better than last year. BCS-good seems like a stretch, though. [Dallas Morning News]

From Friday night: As Seattle continues to unravel, manager Don Wakamatsu and Chone Figgins mixed it up in the dugout. [Seattle Times]

Who wants to go through the 91,000 war documents obtained by Wikileaks? [NYT]

Which attractive woman said this: “Turkey chili is good, but it will give you terrible farts!” [US Weekly]

It sounds like Terrell Owens could wind up in Cincinnati, if not St. Louis. [Enquirer]

Rajon Rondo on the Miami Heat: “They should be good, but they ain’t done nothing yet.” Fact. [Yahoo]

Pathetic that Maverick Carter made this list. [Inc]

Green Bay fans – and baseball fans – could care about this Mark Chmura allegation – “I heard it was something like 20” drug tests that Johnny Jolly failed. [Packers Lounge]

“Joseph Bowser was told he could keep his right leg or have it amputated. If it were amputated, he was told, he would be able to keep doing all things he used to do. The first thing that came to his mind was ice hockey.” [The Hockey News]

Dwight Gooden’s wife says the former star abandoned his family. [NY Post]

Saw 500 Days of Summer over the weekend. Highly recommend it. This scene looks terribly lame … but just see the movie.

Kevin from the Office sings Karaoke with Charles Barkley. [NESW Sports]

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