A Rash Of Stupid Baseball Injuries - Including My Own

A Rash Of Stupid Baseball Injuries - Including My Own


A Rash Of Stupid Baseball Injuries - Including My Own

There have a been a ton of head-scratching injuries in baseball this season. Whether you’re getting dressed, celebrating something or just taking a stroll around the park, no one is safe. I’ve compiled all the dumb injuries I could remember after the jump and I’ve even included my own stupid baseball injury because, let’s be honest, we’ve all done something stupid to hurt ourselves.

Kendry Morales breaks his leg after a walk-off grand slam.

Mike Pelfry gets hurt in his sleep.

Chris Coghlan’s pie injury.

Russell Branyan stubbed his toe closing the curtains.

Geoff Blum hurt himself putting on a shirt.

Mat Latos earned a trip to the DL holding back a sneeze.

Luke Scott pulls his hamstring rounding first on a homerun.

Stephen Douglas breaks his wrist celebrating a 10 RBI game. No link for this one since it happened 15 years ago. I was 12 years old and had graduated from 6th grade earlier in the day. The game was my final regular season Little League game. During the game I drove in 10 runs and hit a grand slam. Needless to say, I was flying pretty high that day. When the game finished and my friends and I were walking back to the parking lot and I jumped up to swing from the goal post like we always did. Well, my hands slipped and I fell backwards. It was a clean break of my right wrist. No All-Stars for young Stephen. I spent the summer in a cast. The only positive was that I was forced to use my left hand to dribble and shoot. Now I’m a blogger.

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