Media Musings: Jason Whitlock's Been Silent for Two Months, and Now His Sports Editor Has Been Canned

Jason Whitlock: The KC Star columnist hasn’t written for his paper since May 26. This has had the chatty media types buzzing for weeks. Fuel was added to the fire last week when the KC Star sports editor, Holly Lawton, unexpectedly resigned. Everyone has rushed to assume this has something to do with Whitlock’s mysterious absence from the sports page (he has been writing for Fox Sports). We emailed him over the weekend but received no response. Perhaps he was just “taking the summer” off since he’s working from August-March every year following the teams that matter in KC (Jayhawks, Chiefs, Jayhawks basketball) … but then why wasn’t he chiming in during the Big 12 expansion this summer? We’ve mined this missive twice for clues but keep coming up empty. If you live in KC and are privy to details, drop us an email.

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