Deadspin Report Alleges Jenn Steger Was Sexted by Brett Favre [UPDATE]

Jenn Sterger Was Sexted by Brett Favre?: According to AJ Daulerio at Deadspin, Sterger received sexually explicit and unwanted pictures on her phone from the former Jets’ star QB when she was a sideline reporter for the team. The story is based on personal conversations Daulerio says he had with Sterger, but the Versus “Daily Line” anchor has yet to produce either the sexts or the photos. For the moment, she’s not talking (we sent her a direct message on twitter), so the validity of the story remains in question. Either way, we sort of feel bad for her. Many people in the media swear she is very nice (and obviously attractive), and both are probably true. Musburger made her famous, she had a good run, and now it’s as if she’s trying to do anything to stay relevant. In 2008 it was bashing Erin Andrews, last year it was (very publicly) taking out her implants. This year, it’s a Favre rumor. What’ll she do next? [Deadspin; photo by Getty]

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