Everyone Wants the Parents of Basketball Recruit Anthony Davis to Sue the Chicago Sun-Times

Anthony Davis vs. the Sun-Times: The college basketball world waits patiently for the parents of recruit Anthony Davis to follow through on their promise and sue the Chicago Sun-Times for last week’s story on how the family asked for money in return for their son’s recruitment. The potential courtroom drama would be more explosive than Rick Pitino’s: “Everybody who ever made a phone call to the Davis household would be asked if anybody ever so much as hinted at anything improper, then asked about how often they believe this stuff happens in general, then asked whether they’ve ever offered or accepted anything in violation of NCAA rules. If they lie, they risk perjuring themselves. So my guess is that most would be compelled to publicly tell the truth about recruiting for the first time, and almost nobody would exit the trial looking better than they did before they entered,” according to Gary Parrish. Yup, it’ll never happen. Sorry, Kentucky fans. [CBS Sports]

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