Francisco Rodriguez (aka K-Rod) Sends Father-in-Law to Hospital After Fight at Citi Field

Francisco Rodriguez: The Mets closer known as K-Rod allegedly beat up his father-in-law last night at Citi Field just minutes after dropping F-bombs to reporters. Rodriguez, 28, was charged with third-degree assault. Mets’ manager Jerry Manuel could have used K-Rod in the 8th inning to protect a 1-run lead, but didn’t, and the Mets lost, 6-2. Afterward, as reporters asked Rodriguez about it, he yelled, “Did I f—–g pitch tonight? … Why do I have to talk to you f—–g guys?” Then, Rodriguez went into the Family Lounge, where the incident occurred with his 53-year-old father-in-law (great photo here of the guy on a stretcher). There was pushing and supposedly, one punch. Rodriguez was charged with 3rd-degree assault and was to be arraigned this morning in Queens, New York.

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