Fire Up the Carmelo Anthony Trade Speculation

Carmelo Anthony: One of the five 10 best players in the NBA hasn’t signed an extension with the Nuggets (no surprise, really), and all signs pointing to him walking as a free agent next summer. Unless, of course, he’s traded first. Mark Kizla at the Denver Post speculates that the Nuggets would rather deal him than lose the NBA’s 3rd leading scorer for nothing. Trade speculation is a wonderful thing. Bill Simmons floated one last night that would result in ‘Melo going to the Knicks, but it’s absurd because it guts the rest of the team, and ‘Melo, Amare and Ray Felton aren’t winning the East. Best we can tell, Kobe’s the only player in the league with a no-trade clause, so he’ll have no control over where he’s dealt. But no team will want to mortgage the future unless it can sign him. Early guesses at favorites simply from a roster/salaries standpoint: Indiana, Houston, and Dallas (mostly, because Cuban’s creative).

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