Antonio Cromartie Claims HBO Made Him Re-Shoot the Scene Where He Names His Kids

Antonio Cromartie vs. HBO: You saw the Cromartie video yesterday. He was a fixture in Google Trends because of it. So naturally, this happened: “Cromartie pulled back the curtains on the Emmy-winning series yesterday by telling The Post the scene that has earned him so much ridicule was a second take ordered by the director. Cromartie said the director — whom HBO officials refused to name — told him to ‘redo it’ because he had not paused long enough between each of his kids’ names.” You buyin’ this? If a director told you to pause between the kids’ names, your first thought would be ‘why?’ and then ‘they’re trying to make me look stupid.’ (Then again, Cromartie did go to FSU.) Smells like HBO bailing the kid out from an embarrassing scene. It’s not like HBO wants this to linger when they’re pitching Hard Knocks 2011, 2012, etc. [NY Post]

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