ArenaBowl XXIII Captured By Spokane Shock

Spokane Shock defeated the Tampa Bay Storm in a shootout, 69-57. ArenaBowl MVP Kyle Lowry led the charge with 237 yards and a record 9 touchdown passes. That’s the rough equivalent of a quarterback in the NFL throwing for 474 yards and 18 touchdowns. I think. My AFL:NFL conversion rate may be inaccurate.

This was the Shock’s first season in the AFL after spending their first 4 seasons in the af2. What a rags-to-riches story! Storm QB Brett Dietz threw 4 touchdowns and 2 picks in the loss. Yes, he looked mighty fraudulent. At least he would have if I watched the game. Was this even on television?

When I was in high school there would be AFL games on ESPN2 every week. Or was it espn2 back then? I kind of miss that. Notice how anytime you want something to be hip and edgy you put it in lowercase letters? espn2, af2… There has to be other examples.

[Image via Ivy League Sports]

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Because you want to see it first.

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