Tim Cowlishaw Remains Fervent in His Belief that Darrelle Revis Will Sign With the Jets Tomorrow

Sunday, Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News tweeted that Darrelle Revis, the best cornerback in football, would sign with the Jets Wednesday. How, on arguably the biggest NFL preseason story, could a Texas liferĀ  – and one without a history of breaking news in the Northeast – swoop and break the news?

Cowlishaw followed up the tweet with a column Monday, but nobody (ie, Jets fans) seemed to take him seriously.

The source of information was good, someone I have used before. Beyond that, I won’t go into further details.

Originally I was told the signing would be “probably Wednesday or Saturday.” That seemed strange that there would be a possible range of three days in the situation.

But when I found out one other aspect of the story that made me believe it had to be true, Wednesday made a lot more sense than Saturday. Since the 140-character nature of Twitter doesn’t lend itself to expanding on one’s thoughts, I just typed “probably Wednesday.”

We keep trying to draw a connection between HBO and Cowlishaw, or the agents for Revis and Cowlishaw, but all we meet are dead ends. If anyone is privy how he pulled this off, we’d love to know. Perhaps this tweet today was a clue? That leads us to think it’s coming from the Revis/HBO camp. This one, too.

At any rate, yes, we will amend that 1-4 Jets’ start if Revis signs tomorrow. We’ll try to remain calm if Revis does sign, but the ramifications for the best defense in the league are Kris Jenkins-huge: Antonio Cromartie gets to face No. 2 WRs, talented rookie Kyle Wilson will be the No. 3 corner, and scrubs like Dwight Lowery (who actually played well against Carolina over the weekend) and Drew Coleman won’t see much time on the field. Revis also frees up one safety to blitz repeatedly, which is what Rex Ryan loves to do.

The only problem with the Revis signing? It puts the season’s expectations squarely on the shoulders of 2nd-year QB Mark Sanchez. Can the 23-year-old avoid the sophomore slump which plagued Matt Ryan last year? Week five – and the arrival of Santonio Holmes – can’t get here soon enough.

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