Elin Nordegren's First Interview is with People Magazine: "I've Been Through Hell"

Elin Nordegren gave her first – and what she says will be her only – interview to People Magazine, and told the celebrity weekly that Tiger’s infidelity blindsided her: “Absolute shock and disbelief. I felt stupid as more things were revealed. How could i have not known anything?” She went on to say that the stress over the last nine months has caused her weight loss and hair loss. People Magazine gave the scoop to the Today Show, which just revealed some other details of the story:

* Elin is quoted as saying, “speculation I would have used a golf club to him is just truly ridiculous.” Elin says she’s never hit him, but she didn’t want to get into details of what happened Thanksgiving night

* They tried for months to reconcile, but it obviously didn’t work

* She hasn’t watched one minute of golf since the story broke last November

* She plans on raising the kids in Florida to be near Tiger

* She’s finishing her bachelor’s in psychology (usually, night classes; she has about 40 credits left)

* And of course, she offered no details (or numbers) on the settlement, but said, “money can’t buy happiness or put the family back together”

The People Magazine writer who talked about the story said Elin’s “people” approached the magazine about it, and the 19-hour interview was conducted over four days. In other Tiger news, it appears as if someone who attended one of his kids’ birthday parties took some photos and sold them to a paparazzi agency. Tiger’s got a practice round in Northern New Jersey today in preparation of this weekend’s tournament at the Barclays.

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