Roundup: Rob Dibble's Still a Clown, Woman Throws a Cat in the Trash, & Roger Clemens vs. Jeff Pearlman

Katy Perry … Stacey Keibler is single … Hitler ‘had Jewish and African roots’, DNA tests show … the days of real estate as an investment are over … on hot days, Chinese men in Beijing are exposing their bellies … “The Mosque Is the New Balloon Boy” … the Hindenburg Omen chatter has reached the WSJ … fringe athletes you may want to follow on twitter … video of a 7-11 robbery in Florida … nice hands, Crabtree … cool photographs from the subway … did Michael Jordan’s 19-year-old kid drop 50k in Vegas? … Lindsay Lohan’s out of rehab

Elizabeth Lambert has returned to the New Mexico women’s soccer team, but she won’t be giving any interviews. [Daily Lobo]

A few days late, but a glassy-eyed mugshot of a Cardinals’ TV guy who was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. [Post-Dispatch]

Rob Dibble, douche, tells Stephen Strasburg to “suck it up.” [DC Sports Bog]

What’s with all the funny athlete arrest stories coming out of Oregon State? [Oregonian]

The sharks in the Kansas City waters smell Mike Fannin’s blood. [KC Confidential, Tony’s Kansas City]

Pretty unscientific list of the “smartest” players in the NFL. [GQ]

Summarizing 18 years of bad baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates. [Joe Sports Fan]

Roger Clemens went after writer Jeff Pearlman on twitter. [SI]

If you’re still interested in BYU’s quest for independence and the school’s battle with the MWC, here’s an in-depth read on the situation. [Desert News]

Mark Sanchez looks to shed the “party boy” image with this planted story about how he’s a “dork.” [NY Post]

Disagree: Yao won’t regain his status as an elite center in the NBA. [Chronicle]

A level-headed Florida Gators preview that the jorts-wearing set probably won’t like. It’s stats like this one that make that preview valuable. [Pre-Snap Read]

Blogger gets to meet Maria Sharapova in NYC Monday at an event. The tennis star wore a really short dress. [Down the Line]

Oh, brother: “A woman who accused the Disney Co. of discrimination for refusing to let her wear a Muslim head scarf at work says she won’t wear a specially designed hat instead.” [News]

First reaction: There’s no way this is real. But the papers in the UK are going nuts with this story and the woman has been identified.

This 8-year-old can ball. [via Hoop Doctors]

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