Boise State is All Anyone Wants to Talk About

Boise State: Here’s your weekly link to something Broncos-related. The line we liked best comes courtesy of the Boise State AD: “If teams don’t think we’re deserving, we’d be happy to settle it on the field.” Playoffs? And now, for the bad news – we actually think the hype will get to the Broncos, and they’ll lose at some point in the regular season. Florida and Tim Tebow couldn’t handle it last year in the SEC title game, Texas nearly gagged on it against Nebraska in the Big 12 title game, and of course there’s the USC loss to Texas in the Greatest Game Ever Played. After all, they’re college kids. But we’ll still be rooting for Boise State in the title game. Only 12 days until the Virginia Tech game. [Sports Radio Interviews]

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