So, About the Minnesota Vikings Offense

Minnesota Vikings: First, Percy Harvin missed significant time earlier this month because of a  death in the family, and then because of migraine headaches that have plagued him since college. Then last week, Harvin collapsed on the field and was hospitalized due to the same condition. Sidney Rice had hip surgery, and RotoWorld speculates he’ll play no more than seven games and suggests you bail from any intention to draft him. CBSSports’ Dave Richard already dropped him to 63rd on his wide receiver rankings (updated TBL rankings lists will be out Friday in time for this weekend’s drafts). Toss in Brett Favre’s late arrival, the departure of backup running back Chester Taylor, this week’s trade for Miami’s Greg Camarillo and the addition of Javon Walker, and it seems unlikely Minnesota will be the 2nd highest scoring team in the league again this year.

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