When Plaxico Burress Gets Out of Jail on June 6, 2011, He'll Owe Punter Jeff Feagles an Outdoor Kitchen

Plaxico Burress: When he arrived in New York in 2005, he wanted his number, 17. It belonged to punter Jeff Feagles. The players negotiated a deal – Burress would finance Feagles’ outdoor kitchen in exchange for the number. (Feagles said that when Eli Manning arrived, he wanted the No. 10, so he paid to send Feagles’ family on a vacation to Florida for a week.) One problem – Burress never came through with the kitchen, and Feagles had to finance it himself. “I never got paid for it. I asked [Burress] for it. Every time I went to Drew he said, ‘That’s between you and Plax.’ Bottom line, I never got paid. He basically stole my number.” Burress is set to be released from jail on June 6, 2011. [SI]

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