LaRon Landry is a Beast; Wears Stomach Tassels

Redskins free safety LaRon Landry has been eating his Wheaties, your Wheaties and my Wheaties. The dude looks positively terrifying in this picture, but so does his sense of fashion. In a bold and somewhat odd move, he opted to gift his “LaRon Landry Leadership” shirt with a set of homemade stomach tassels. A quick google search of “stomach tassels” nets an array of belly dancing links. LaRon doesn’t strike me as the belly dancing type. LaRon strikes me as someone who would greatly enjoy sprinting down the RAW is WAR ramp and shaking the life out of the helpless ring ropes. Perhaps a set of arm tassels and some of Bryce Harper’s eye black would give him that Ultimate Warrior look he was probably going for. [via Twitpic via Steinberg]

Because you want to see it first!

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