The Roundup: Lion Attacks Trainer in Las Vegas, 'The Social Network' & Why Isn't Floyd Mayweather Getting More Heat For His Racist Remarks?

Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl … “Kidnapped Reporter Tweets Secretly From Afghan Captivity” … digging the gun tattoo on Rihanna’s leg … is Rodney King engaged to one of the jurors from his case? … sick one-handed catch by a high schooler … Lady Gaga hates the web … how can this kind of garbage still go on in this country? … to everyone who joined our Survivor League (password: blahblahblah), read thisJay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari out again in Chicago Monday … “Two children hospitalized after getting hit by objects at Diamondbacks game” … scroll down for a couple shots of SEC poon … did Minka Kelly freak out about her dogs on a Delta flight yesterday? Her lawyer says no

Big Baby Davis continues to impress. He starts singing to slow jams after the 11 min mark. Think of him, off the court, as a budding Shaq. [Sports Crackle Pop]

The first and definitely not the last Jeremy Lin blog summit. [Culture Breach]

“Would it be too much to ask that one former USC player involved in the recent troubles stand up and take responsibility and do the right thing?” Yes, Bill Plaschke, it would. Let Pete Carroll take responsibility for the fall of Troy. [LA Times]

From the sounds of it, former Bills’ QB Jim Kelly was on the road, bedding babes, while his wife stayed home and took care of their ailing son (who eventually died). [Democrat & Chronicle]

Kevin Durant, blowin’ up. [USA Today]

Why isn’t Money Mayweather taking more heat for his racist rant? [ESPN]

Umpire tosses fan? The guy had on a cool t-shirt. [Joe Sports Fan]

“During the 61 days leading up to the Jan. 4 announcement that six juniors on UNC’s football team would stay in school rather than enter the NFL draft, university phone records show that Blake and Wichard never went more than four days without communicating.” If you’re shady, why not use a disposable cell phone? [N&O]

Darrelle Revis and the “bridge” contract. [National Football Post]

Chris Johnson needs to get a clue. He won’t sniff 2,500 yards. We’re thinking injury or 1,800 yards, tops. [Tennessean]

French soccer player fired for being gay. [Out Sports]

Dennis Rodman can still close some ass. [Page Six]

Guy who helped create Napster and was the founding President of Facebook is played by Justin Timberlake in “The Social Network.” [Vanity Fair]

Former stud recruit Bryce Brown’s father says he plans to sue Tennessee and coach Derek Dooley. [Go Vols]

Why don’t these trainers have any weapons? If this guy’s smart, he’ll quit the job, because who knows if he’ll get that lucky again.

Whoever is creating these is a genius.

Creative. [via Hot Clicks]

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