Introducing Our New Football Writer

My name is Jason Lisk and I am a recovering footballholic.  I have been mostly clean for 137 days, but that’s about to change. I’ve been writing at the pro-football-reference blog for the last several years, so for the 98.3% of you who have never read the p-f-r blog, have a tolerance for math, and loads of free time because you are under house arrest, check it out.

I root for the Kansas City Chiefs, which means (a) I have had lots of time to watch other teams play real football over the last few years, and (b) unlike fans of other teams who have not been to the Super Bowl since the merger, I am operating under no delusions that my team is a Super Bowl contender this year. 

As for what you will see from me once the season begins, it will likely be a combination of commentary about the weekend’s games, commentary on the announcing and sportswriting relating to the NFL, some fantasy football, some degenerate gambling stuff, and some original research and analysis, plus anything else you want to see.  If I’m lucky, I’ll also have a reason to use the “elk semen” and “fox urine” categories at some point this season.  I’m setting the odds of that at about 2:1. Please take it easy on me to start, and hold your zone blitzes and exotic coverage schemes until I’ve picked up the playbook.   I promise to study as much as Billy Joe Hobert. [Jan Stenerud via Getty]

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