Media Members Like Indianapolis or Green Bay to Win the 2011 Super Bowl

This link has the NFL season predictions of more than 50 media members, ranging from sportswriters to analysts to TV reporters to bloggers (including TBL, Duffy and CRM). The list isn’t complete so email me if you have links to other prediction lists. Below is a roundup of the media predictions.

  • The Colts got the most Super Bowl picks, with 16. The Packers could be considered a co-favorite, as 13 members picked them. Ravens are trending as well: 10 media members picked them to win.
  • Other teams receiving votes: New Orleans (4), Dallas (3), Pittsburgh (Peter King), New England (Ty Duffy) San Diego (Jerome Bettis) and Cincinnati (Tim Cowlishaw)
  • No one can accuse Boston Globe‘s sportswriters of homerdom. Five out of six picked a team other than New England to win the AFC East.
  • Green Bay Packers are heaviest favorites to win their division. 51 of 53 media members picked them to win. Colts are next with 50 picks, followed by 49ers (49) and Chargers (48).
  • Candidates to be this year’s deep sleeper teams and make the playoffs : Raiders, Chiefs

And here’s a breakdown of individual picks by division.

AFC East – Patriots (24), Jets: (22), Dolphins (7)

AFC North – Ravens (40), Bengals (10), Steelers (3)

AFC South – Colts (50), Texans (2), Titans (1)

AFC West – Chargers (48), Chiefs (3), Raiders (2)

NFC East – Cowboys (43), Giants (5), Eagles (4), Redskins (1)

NFC North – Packers (51), Vikings (2)

NFC South – Saints (32), Falcons (20), Panthers (1)

NFC West – 49ers (49), Seahawks (2), Cardinals (2)

These predictions were pulled from the following sources: ESPN, SportsIllustrated.com, CBSSports.com, NBCSports, Boston.com, DallasNews.com.

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