The Greatest Worst Political Speech Ever

The Greatest Worst Political Speech Ever


The Greatest Worst Political Speech Ever

Phil Davison wants to be the Republican nominee for the Stark County Treasurer position. Stark County is in Ohio. As you’ll see in the video – which I implore you to watch in full – you will find out just how insanely passionate Davison is about gaining this nomination. Davison was surprised to learn about his new found popularity on the mysterious interwebs.Via Talking Points:

“I went home and had a ham sandwich and went to bed and thought that was the end of it,” Davison said when reached at home this afternoon. “A friend called, and well, I’m not very good with electronics, is there a YouTube? It was on some kind of electronic server.”

Honestly, this should be the first sketch on the season premier of Saturday Night Live. Its so obvious, yet it almost certainly will be ignored.

[Best Week Ever though I first saw it via JE Skeets]

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