The Roundup: Taxpayers Paying for Demolished Stadiums, Nick O'Leary's Suspension Woes, Casual Sex & Man Tackles Bank Robber

Bar Refaeli … a collection of old Cheryl Cole bikini shots … this guy took 625 volts to the head, and survived … hockey players allegedly assault their wives, too … congrats, bloggers! … make you wanna buy a Quebec Nordiques hat? … great news! “Casual sex doesn’t kill chance of long-term relationship” … pro athletes and Facebook: You knew mistakes like this would happen … Amanda Seyfried looks nice here … Appalachian State has an Iraq War vet on its football team … video of man tackling bank robber brandishing gun …

Bruce Pearl’s Tennessee program is under investigation by the NCAA? We’re shocked. [ESPN]

Your 2010 NFL broadcasting announcers guide. [SI]

The Admiral Ackbar movement is over. [Wired]

Rex Ryan could be the next … John Madden? [NY Daily News]

Phil Mushnick blasts Matt Millen over Rich Rod comment during Michigan-Connecticut game. [Post]

Hey taxpayers, how do you like still funding stadiums that have been leveled? [NYT]

To find out why JaMarcus Russell was so bad, you have to go to Alabama. [Mercury News]

Nick O’Leary, the grandson of Jack Nicklaus, was suspended for two games for flicking off fans at a high school game. His team is saying it’d rather forfeit future games than play without him. [Palm Beach Post]

Homer column of the day: Miguel Cabrera, your AL MVP. In real life, it’s Robbie Cano, doncha know? [Freep]

Boston College’s new jerseys make it difficult to identify its players. [Eagle in ATL]

John Lindsey played 16 years in the minors. He just got called up. Congrats, kid. [MLB.com]

“Appearing on television can be good for a print journalist’s career. But does it add any publicity value to the publications for which they write and edit?” Can’t believe anyone ever thought it helped the brand of the publication. [Slate]

If Michael Lewis is writing about finance or the world’s economy, you should be reading it. [Vanity Fair]

Canadians: Boy, 16, likely to face charges for having sex with girl, 12, in schoolyard. [Vancouver Sun]

Has this man no shame?

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