Roundup: Alex Barron's Bad Night, Lee Corso's Pencil, Robert Green's Latest Gaffe & ESPN's Jenn Brown

Ashley Greene … can only imagine what ‘simulated sex act‘ this clown did … five myths about prostitution … we often joke about folks soiling themselves, but … video of angry Bills fan who was booted from the stadium Sunday … yes, the housing market remains in deep, deep trouble … reading this, you might think Judd Apatow stole his girlfriend … verdict: Cat can’t download kiddie porn, and you’re going to jail … 27-year-old guy tries to marry 14-year-old … Taylor Swift & Kanye West at the VMAs …

There’s a rea$on Lee Corso is always holding a pencil and pointing with it on Gameday. [Eye on Sports Media]

Actually, that’s great timing by Randy Moss to rant about his contract. He’ll be the focus, not the Jets vs. the Patriots. [Yahoo]

Jenn Brown “tries not to read things on the internet.” Is that per Kenny Chesney’s advice? [Randball]

You’ve got six more days to enjoy the Colts loss – you know Peyton’s gonna respond by rattling off 10 straight wins. [Indy Star]

Stan Van Gundy and Pat Riley don’t like one another. We like very much that they don’t like each other. [Sun-Sentinel]

One bad Alex Smith performance and … hey, why didn’t the 49ers get McNabb in the offseason? [Mercury News]

England goalkeeper Robert Green, last seen giving up a bad goal to USA in the World Cup, made a costly error for West Ham, and got pummeled in the media. [Daily Mail]

Good read on Bryan Kehl, the NY Giants linebacker who was adopted. His biological father is a former NFL draft pick. [WSJ]

“Japan’s twenty- and thirtysomething males seem disinterested in careers and apathetic about the rituals of dating, sex and marriage. They spend almost as much on cosmetics and clothes as women, live with their mums and sit down on the toilet when they pee. Some have even been known to wear bras.” [Independent]

Good read about Eric Show, the guy who gave up Pete Rose’s record-breaking hit. [ESPN]

Antonine Walker and the Bobcats? [ESPN]

Tracking Tom Brady’s contract saga over twitter. Not Adam Schefter’s finest moment. [Globe]

This is how you turn a Torry Holt jersey into a Sam Bradford jersey. [KFNS]

If you thought Denard Robinson had a great Saturday, check out with this future Oregon QB did Friday night. [Express-News]

A fantastic Russell Westbrook block in the semifinals of the World Championships. [via Jose 3030]

The Dallas Cowboys game-winning touchdown … that wasn’t. It’s going to be a tough week for Alex Barron. [via]

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