Matt Taibbi Unloads on Colin Cowherd Over Union Comments

Matt Taibbi vs. Colin Cowherd: Don’t just read this snippet, click the damn link. “But when I heard loudmouth large-nostriled afternoon host Colin Cowherd go off on unions in general … Leave aside for a minute the fact that Cowherd’s concept of talent and specialness is completely fucked … Yes, Colin, you spoiled little fuckhead, we can replace all of these people. After all, you’re right, none of them are truly valuable, at least not like Simon Cowell or Rush Limbaugh, anyway … Measuring people by how much numerical wealth they produce is a kind of psychopathy … That kind of thinking is spreading, because our pop culture priests have succeeded in filling the population with shame and nervous self-loathing to the point where they think of anyone who isn’t an employer as a parasite, and anyone who isn’t rich and famous, or trying to be, as a loser.” [Rolling Stone]

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