Roundup: Rush Limbaugh on Ines Sainz, Incredible Photos of Glider Crash & Soda, Pop, or Coke?

Maria Menounos … London paper asks when Winona Ryder suddenly got so bustynaked taxi joyride! …Dennis Rodman was nice to somebody on a plane? … “Man shoots self during traffic stop” … High Fructose Corn Syrup wants to go by Corn Sugar … are 66% of Phoenix homes underwater? … incredible photos of a glider crash that the pilot miraculously walked away from … doctor brands women’s uterus after surgery … if you’ve got questions about aggregating newsthis is not good news for magazines … huge Tea Party win in Delaware … Gold keeps soaring; is $1,500 possible? …

Stewart Bradley’s disappearing headache tweet. [Crossing Broad]

Soda, pop, or Coke, put to a map. Very, very cool. [Chicagoist]

Is this the end of Bob Sanders? [Indy Star]

Female reaction to Ines Sainz. [OCD Chick]

Male reaction to Ines Sainz. [Fox Sports]

Rush Limbaugh reaction to Ines Sainz: “She knows she has an ass-set … Bootylicious.” [Media Matters]

So where the heck did undrafted Arian Foster come from, anyway? [WSJ]

Laurence Maroney got traded from the Patriots to the Broncos. [Globe]

Keep producing Jeremy Lin features, media. We’ll keep linking them. Love this kid’s story. [NYT]

A look at how the Jets’ offense has been stagnant over the last three years under offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. [Jets Blog]

Maybe Bruce Pearl’s problems at Tennessee aren’t over? [CBS Sports]

If you care about journalists donating to politicians campaigns. [Open Secrets]

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Golden Girls. Don’t act like you didn’t watch the theme song. Come on, admit it – you know the theme song.

Who else is seeing The Town on Friday?

If you haven’t seen the Entourage season finale, sorry for the spoiler.

Because you want to see it first!

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