Ines Sainz Needs to Meet Ashley Fox (Not Christine Brennan)

Ines Sainz: Here’s Ashley Fox of the Philly Inquirer with one of the boldest takes on L’Affaire Sainz. “But Sainz, a television ‘reporter’ from Mexico’s TV Azteca, is not without fault here. And frankly, she brought the Jets’ behavior on herself. Sainz works for a Mexican television network that seems more than happy to promote her as a sex symbol and not a journalist … for a real sports reporter, that’s unconscionable. Word travels fast … You also don’t walk into an NFL locker room wearing jeans that leave little to the imagination and a blouse that reveals your substantial cleavage. You don’t have to dress ultra-conservatively, but you have to be smart. If you want to be treated like a girl at a bar, dress like a girl at a bar. If you want to be treated professionally and without incident, cover up.” She went there. Someone kindly pass this along to Christine Brennan, who continues her jihad on the Jets at USA Today, saying fines or suspensions should be levied. [Newsday, Wash Post]

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