Mascot Fight: Ohio University's Mascot Attacks Brutus the Buckeye [UPDATE]

Ohio University’s mascot Rufus the Bobcat decided to attack Ohio State’s Brutus the Buckeye as he ran on the field. His first attempt was thwarted when Brutus lowered a shoulder into him. He took him to the ground with the second attempt, a cheap-shot takedown from behind.  Really?  None of the cheerleaders were willing to go in and bail him out?  Good thing Rufus didn’t take out the I-dotter. He would have had to transfer and leave the state.  Ohio University issued an apology.  The student who dressed up as Rufus has been banned from affiliation with Ohio University athletics. [UPDATE: The student who dressed up as Rufus isn’t even a student at Ohio U, and went out for the mascot gig just to take down Brutus the Buckeye.] [Bucknuts]

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