Derrick Favors, a Future No. 1 and Cap Space? Is that the Best Denver Can Do?

There will be dozens of Carmelo Anthony trade rumors floated between now and February, but hopefully the Nuggets will get something better than this: 2010 1st round pick Derrick Favors, a future No. 1 pick, and cap space, for Carmelo Anthony, who is easily a top 10 player in the NBA. Two reasons why we prefer dealing for Monta Ellis, role players, and a future pick: 1) Favors turned 19 in July and is a couple years away from being a factor (the assumption is he’ll be good, but who knows); 2) Cap space is great in theory, but who’s going to Denver? 3) That future No. 1 will be in the 23-30 range. [Marc Stein; photo via Getty]

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