NCAA Considering Allowing Teams With Losing Records to Fill 70 Available Slots in Bowl Games

Everyone Gets a Trophy! The NCAA has permitted a record 35 bowl games this season. The need for 70 eligible teams from a pool of 119 could force the NCAA to make 5-7 teams or teams with two Division I-AA wins eligible for postseason play. A bowl game used to be a mark of status. Now, potentially, any big conference team could load the non-conference schedule with three cream puffs and a I-AA team and, by finishing at least 1-7 within their conference, be rewarded with a lucrative bowl game. The EagleBank Bowl has a designated slot for the #8 ACC team. So it goes. [San Diego Union-Tribune via The Wiz of Odds; Ponies with Katie Price via Getty]

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Because you want to see it first.

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