The Roundup: Vincent Jackson, Erin Andrews & Michelle Beadle, and the 400 Richest Americans List

Ashley Greene … “Dad On Beer Run With Meth & Machete Gets Tased” … alligator poachers busted … sick story about a minister in Atlantacamel racing in Nevada … man trapped inside a refuse truck …Wall Street this weekend, the Social Network next? … lettuce head burglar! … the Roc, slightly behind in his taxes … 10 Grossest Alien Chest-Burster Cakes … Blockbuster was valued at $500 million in 2006; today, $24 million, and it just declared bankruptcy … girl fight caught on tape; mom cheers on daughter … not a good review of the new show Shit my Dad Says

College basketball coaches would be wise to quit wasting time on recruits they can’t land. [CBS Sports]

Michelle Beadle? Click it, you know you want to. [Des Moines Register]

The new St. Louis Blues season ticket/playoff ticket situation is rather brilliant. [Post-Dispatch]

The Forbes 400 richest people in America list is out: Bill Gates is first, Warren Buffett is 2nd. [Star-Ledger]

Erin Andrews will obviously be a big hit in Idaho this weekend. [Statesman]

Coming soon to this country? “Middle-class families could be forced to undergo lie detector tests as part of a major crackdown on tax avoidance.” [Daily Mail]

Kansas coach Mark Mangino was not hired by Minnesota as a consultant. [Pioneer Press]

Chargers’ GM AJ Smith really screwed Vincent Jackson. Looks like the star wide receiver won’t play this year. [Yahoo]

Change “could” in the headline here to “has” and Knicks fans will weep. [ESPN]

So, about ATP rankings … [Harvard Sports Analysis]

David Stern doesn’t want Gilbert Arenas talking about last year’s gun incident. [Wash Post]

It’s official: J-Lo and Steven Tyler have joined American Idol. No, we won’t be watching. [Bloomberg]

Best line from a pretty funny College Football poll: “After loss to Arizona, fans turn attention to high school wrestling.” [LA Times]

Even if you aren’t into MMA, Bryan Baker’s saga is worth reading about. [MMA Fighting]

The questioning of Jake Locker continues. [Fox Sports]

Bryce Harper, he of the Ultimate Warrior face paint, likes the following teams: Cowboys, Yankees, Lakers, Texas Longhorns, & Duke Blue Devils. [Bog]

Joe Posnanski tackles the Jose Bautista “issue;” a scout predicts the Blue Jays outfielder will hit 30-40 homers next year.  [SI]

Best Foo Fighters song. Right?

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