The Roundup: Hard Knocks for Hockey, Warriors Get Rid of Don Nelson & When Bears Attack

Jessica Alba … how do you mistake heart medicine for cocaine? … guy goes to jail for putting a hamster in a microwave … video of huge alligator found in downtown St. Petersburg … “Woman, 23, charged with robbing her grandmother ” … former executive editor of the Washington Post rips the Huffington Post … Katherine Heigl gave away $1 million … if Facebook existed years ago … “erotic artwork” … Australia & New Zealand are the most charitable nations … totally digging the phrase “mob justice” … for Shakira fans

Turner Gill is going to be collecting the cell phones of all Kansas football players the day before each game. [Wichita Eagle]

“Montana woman fends off bear attack with zucchini.” [AP]

Look for many more technical fouls to be called in the NBA this season. [True Hoop]

Florida Gators and Urban Meyer take some heat for all their arrests from the largest circulation paper in the country. [USA Today]

San Diego rookie running back Ryan Mathews will not play Sunday vs. Seattle. [Union Trib]

Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams will not play Saturday vs. Boston College. [Nelson County Times]

Finally, the Warriors did something right: Got rid of Don Nelson. Everybody out of the doghouse! [SI, Mercury News, Yahoo]

The “Hard Knocks” series is going to hockey: Caps vs. Penguins. [Post-Gazette]

Jay Bilas should write more about college sports. Good take on Eric Bledsoe (a situation which should be resolved today). [ESPN Insider]

Wait, there’s a golf tournament this weekend? [NYT]

Welcome back, Sonny Vaccaro! [Zags Blog]

Don’t hate Facebook that much, just not a huge fan. [Wash Post]

Miami 31, Pittsburgh 3. Embarrassing showing at home for the ‘Stache’s crew. This was a sound whipping. [Post-Gazette]

Great goal. Better announcing.


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