Eric Bledsoe's Grades Were Changed, But That's Cool

The investigation into Eric Bledsoe’s high school transcript showed proof that Bledsoe’s algebra grades were changed multiple times. The New York Times has the details.

Birmingham Schools Superintendent Craig Witherspoon said in a telephone interview that the grade in question would not be changed. He said that although there was no evidence that Bledsoe did the makeup work to justify the grade change, there was no hard evidence that he did not do it.

There was no justification for Bledsoe’s grades to be changed, but there also wasn’t… not… no justification for the grade changes.

That means that it is unlikely that the N.C.A.A. will look into the matter. The grade in question, as reported by The Birmingham News, was a C in an Algebra III class that was bumped up to an A. If Bledsoe’s grade had been changed back and he no longer met minimum standards, it could have put the results of Kentucky’s 2009-10 season in jeopardy.

Got that? Those games we all watched last year did, in fact, take place. Bledsoe was drafted by the Clippers following his single season with Kentucky.

[New York Times, Image via Getty]

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