Carmelo Anthony's Final Days in Denver?

Carmelo Anthony's Final Days in Denver?


Carmelo Anthony's Final Days in Denver?

Carmelo Anthony is supposedly on the verge of getting traded to New Jersey. But things are … complicated: Nobody wants Anthony if he isn’t going to sign a long term deal. Sorry, Philly. And the Nuggets are obviously holding out for the best offer (step your game up, Golden State and Houston). So despite a plethora of reports saying the Nets deal was close … we remain skeptical.At Denver’s media day this afternoon, Carmelo went the LeBron route, saying he was “keeping his options open.” The Star Ledger reports that Anthony-to-New Jersey talks have “lost steam.” Another report claims the deal is “on hold.”

Since Denver probably isn’t going to get better than two future No. 1 picks and Derrick Favors, Anthony must be reluctant about inking a long-term deal with the Nets. Why? It isn’t a sexy franchise. His lone wingman will be Brook Lopez, and since the Nets will have mortgaged the future draft picks [Ed. They have two 2012 first round picks, and would only deal one], the Nets will have nothing to offer New Orleans in exchange for Anthony’s buddy Chris Paul. New Jersey’s only hope will be in free agency. And that would mean Anthony would have to play in Jersey two years before CP3 is even in play. So much can happen between now and then. What if the Magic clear cap room? What if the Lakers do?

A worse-case scenario for Anthony would be that he goes to the Nets … and nobody else comes to join him. Then he’s stuck in the same conference as the Heat and Magic, and he’s only got a 45-win team. Anthony wants his cake (his pick of city and team) and he wants to eat it, too (ability to bring CP3 on board). We don’t blame him.

The guess here is that unless a second domino (ie, His future wingman) is ready to fall, Anthony’s not getting traded before the start of the season. [Photo via Getty]

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