Greg Oden Quit Drinking and Clubbing, But He Has Patellar Tendinitis and Won't Be Ready for the Start of the Season

Greg Oden: Want the good news first or the bad news? Here’s the good – Jason Quick of the Oregonian reports that Oden no longer drinks alcohol, goes to clubs or partakes in late-night fast food. (No word on if he still sexts pictures of his penis to ladies.) Now, the bad: Oden has patellar tendinitis, aka, “jumper’s knee.” After breaking his leg last year, he’s still recovering and won’t be ready for the season opener. We feel terribly bad for Oden, who is just 22 years old and seems like a nice kid. The guy who went 2nd in the 2007 draft after Oden, Kevin Durant, is already one of the top five players in the league. Oden’s career has been pockmarked by injuries. We keep hearing that Oden’s heart isn’t into basketball, which is depressing, because he could have been dominant. We still hope he turns into a serviceable NBA center. [Dwight Jaynes]

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