The Roundup: Jay Cutler & Kristin Cavallari, Man is BFF With a 17-foot Crocodile & Rugby Trick Shots

Blake Lively … the gap between rich and poor hits record levels … who would want to ban Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five? … billionaire Segway owner dies after driving Segway off a cliff … Fox News and the Republican primary … how to survive when your elevator plunges … Georgia and Oregon won’t be playing football in the near future … Zillow claims one-third of Americans can’t qualify for mortgageKaty Perry gif, anyone? … which of his multiple personalities did it? … five years after George Lopez got a kidney from his wife, their marriage is over … Joe Biden wants the Democratic base to stop whining

Before Jay Cutler beat the Packers, he spent the weekend bouncing around Chicago with girlfriend Kristin Cavallari. [Tribune]

Gameday’s headed to Eugene, Oregon for the Cardinal vs. the Ducks Saturday night. [Portland Trib via Fang’s Bites]

Man in Costa Rica is best friends with a 17-foot crocodile. Jarring video. [BBC]

The Detroit Lions, who are 0-3, but have been very competitive at times, have lost 40 of their last 43. [Freep]

Shame on you, Birmingham School System. [John Clay’s Sidelines]

Virginia Tech running back Darren Evans, who looked like a pro as freshman but was injured all of last year, is now married with a 3-year-old. [Post]

“The number of opposite-sex unmarried couples who shared living arrangements jumped 13 percent this year to 7.5 million, the Census Bureau reported Thursday. That’s compared to a 2 percent decrease between 2008 and 2009.” [AP]

Another twitter feed got a TV show. [Hollywood Reporter]

Can’t wait for Vick-McNabb Sunday at 4 pm. [Whitlock]

It’s been a good year for black players in baseball. [The Root]

Ray Lewis has a son who is a sophomore in high school in Florida and the kid’s putting up some astonishing numbers. [Pro Canes]

Rugby trick shots, anyone? [Ad Freak]

The “Hamstring Hoax.” Applied brilliantly by the Jets Sunday night. [CBS Sports]

Alabama and Arkansas did monster ratings, dwarfing Tim Tebow vs. Eric Berry last year. [Sports Media Watch]

Best NFL catch from the weekend nobody’s talking about: Tony Moeaki, a rookie on the Chiefs, hauling in a TD pass with one hand.

The NBA season is about a month away, so well try to find a video every day to highlight. Here’s vintage Shaq.

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