Gisele Seen (Almost) Kissing Someone Besides Tom Brady! Plus, a New/Old Tiger Mistress

Gisele was photographed *nearly* kissing somebody that isn’t Tom Brady. (*whispers* They’re married.) Gisele is in Paris for fashion week and a photographer got some shots of her acting very chummy with some unidentified dude at the masquerade party. You can check out the scandalous photos over at TMZ.  My guess – this is just what you do when you’re drinking with Gisele. At least its what you should do. Who cares about Tom Brady? 

In completely unrelated news, did we know that the dark-haired lady above was supposedly one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses? Her name is Cristina Del Basso and she was on Big Brother Italy. You can check out more of her “work” at Egotastic. Yeah, its NSFW, but remember, the internet exists for stuff like this. Take advantage of that NSFW-ness.

There will be plenty of college football posts tomorrow so you can all stop crying that you didn’t get a Big Boise Dame post today. Enjoy your nights and don’t forget to check out Mrs. LeBron Wade.

[TMZ, Images via Getty]

Update via SPORTSbyBROOKS: One of the dudes photographed with Gisele is Helly Nahmad, the heir to an art-dealing fortune. On second though, maybe Tommy Brady should be worried. He’s got money, but not Oh! Henry candy bar money.

Because you want to see it first!

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