Where Does 'The Town' Rank Among the Greatest Bank Robbery Movies of All-Time?

We greatly enjoyed ‘The Town.’ Best movie we’ve seen in 2010. The only knocks on the Ben Affleck-directed flick are a) the overly thick Boston accents, b) Red Sox crap everywhere, c) no great twist/somewhat predictable ending. (Here are all the movies that came out this year – we still haven’t seen Iron Man 2, Salt, or the A-Team.) On the all-time bank robbery movies list, we’d put ‘The Town’ behind ‘The Dark Knight,’ and just ahead of ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid‘ and ‘Dog Day Afternoon.’ A bit further down the list: Point Break, Inside Man, and Heat. (Tough to rank that trio, but we’d give Point Break a slight advantage over the other two). Lists to help you compile your list: Here, here, and here.

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