Balderdash: "Hakeem Nicks May Be the NFL's Best WR Soon"

Hakeem Nicks: KC Joyner of ESPN New York is the president and founder of the Hakeem Nicks fan club. Joyner is enamored with the way Nicks runs routes and with his ability to run so many different routs. And then, there are the stats: “Nicks posted double-digit yards per attempt (YPA) totals in eight of the 11 main metric categories I tracked in 2009. A double-digit showing in any category is a sign of superb play and that Nicks did this at multiple route depths and against varying levels of competition showed he was capable of top-level performance in pretty much any environment.” Perhaps Joyner went to UNC? Nicks is a nice, young receiver. That’s about it. Through a year and a four games, he may not even crack the Top 5 WR list from the 2009 draft (Maclin, Harvin, Wallace, Britt, Massaquoi). And one could argue he has a better QB than any of those WRs. [ESPN]

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