Would Jay Mariotti Still Be at Fanhouse If His Lawyers Hadn't Made This Statement Last Week?

Last week, after Jay Mariotti reached a deal with the Los Angeles city attorney’s office to drop six of the seven misdemeanor counts against him stemming from an August arrest, his lawyers finally spoke: “Jay is very pleased to have this matter behind him and is anxious to get back to work. While we are confident he would have prevailed at trial, the process would have been long and expensive. Today’s resolution — a no contest plea to a low-level misdemeanor with all of the other charges dismissed — ends the matter once and for all.” Bad move. Terrible move.

A week later, here’s how the attorney for Mariotti’s ex-girlfriend responded:

Levine said that before police intervened in August, Mariotti struck his girlfriend in the face, which resulted in a visible bruise. Mariotti also grabbed and pulled his girlfriend by the hair, destroyed her personal property, and attempted to prevent her from escaping and calling police, according to Levine. Ultimately, he said, a bystander witnessed what was going on and called police.

Previously, no details from the August incident had been made public. No mugshot was released. The police report was never made public. After the plea deal, Mariotti appeared to be in the clear. According to a media source, Fanhouse was very likely to welcome back Mariotti after the plea deal. The same source tells us that Fanhouse changed their mind Tuesday after reading the quotes from the lawyer of Mariotti’s ex-girlfriend. An email this morning to Fanhouse editor-in-chief Scott Ridge went unreturned.

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