Brett Favre Deflects Jenn Sterger Question From Reporter About Alleged Voicemails/Sexts

Brett Favre, Jenn Sterger and the alleged voicemails/sexts actually came up at a press conference in Minnesota yesterday. The question asker: Brian Costello of the NY Post. (Odd: We worked at the same newspaper he did, the Harrisonburg Daily-News Record, in 1999. Nice guy.) Favre’s answer, for the seven of you who have YouTube disabled at work: “I’m not getting into that … I’ve got my hands full with the Jets.” Assorted reaction to Favre/Sterger and alleged sexts/voicemails after the jump:

* Absolutely zero from ESPN on the subject. Which isn’t really a surprise. What’s the news hook? This audio might be Brett Favre and these pictures might be his penis. Too litigious. If Favre’s wife files for divorce or he shows up to MNF with a black eye … well …

* The New York Daily News wrote about it, and unearthed this nugget: Deadspin paid for the photos and voicemails.

* Jason Whitlock says a column is coming.

* Of the major sports websites, only Fox Sports teased it on the front (linking to a New York Post report.)

* The LA Times website has something about it.

* We found nothing in the Star Tribune or Pioneer Press. (Back in August when the story first broke, the Star Tribune’s gossip section wrote about it.)

* [UPDATE: A few minutes before this post went up, the Star-Tribune’s gossip section posted this online.]

* [UPDATE: Cortes notes that Peter King mentioned Sterger in his column today.]

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