Arianny Celeste's Playboy Photos Hit The Web, Are Promptly Removed [UPDATE]

Arianny Celeste’s Playboy pictorial from the November issue has hit the net. Pictures of the pictures of the UFC’s #1 Octagon Girl first showed up on Cage Potato yesterday, but people with law degrees got involved and the post has since been removed. Arianny was not pleased that the photos hit the net.

I’ve got my best research guy on this, but so far the only HQ images we’ve been able to track down is the cover to each and every foreign Playboy issue in the world. Not that I’m big for stereotyping, but in the Mexican edition there’s a clown and the covergirl is wearing a wrestling mask. Seriously.

As soon as one of the reputable [picture of girl] sites has the images, we’ll give you an update.

Update: Straight cache, homey.
UPDATE: Someone got their hands on the Playboy issue and emailed in two photos of Arianny Celeste in all her naked glory. Obviously they are NSFW and can be viewed here and here.

[Arianny with clothes on via Getty]

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