The Roundup: Wade Phillips, Back on the Hot Seat and Will the SEC Get Shut Out of the BCS Title Game?

Sofia Vergara … Friends with benefits – for the over 50 set … German soccer fans protest ticket prices … glad these degenerates aren’t our neighbors … Ben Harper & Laura Dern are getting a divorce … if your house is underwater, why are you paying your mortgage? … ‘Hey Soul Sister’ is annoying everyone … mayor of Phoenix had his house burglarized … Jay-Z probably won’t be thrilled with the Miami police departmenthipster backlash! … 12 women at a Washington party had their drinks spiked … man arrested after chasing Goose

Will Dallas coach Wade Phillips survive this week? Someone’s going to feel the wrath of Jerry. [Star-Telegram]

Ornery columnist Bob Kravitz comes around on a college football playoff. [Indy Star]

Definition of fraud: Insane Clown Posse are Evangelical Christians. [Guardian]

Awesome story of a student who found an FBI tracking device in his car, and when his friends posted photos of the device online, the feds showed up pretty quickly. [Wired]

Th signing bonus for Arizona’s undrafted QB, Max Hall? Just $5,000. [Yahoo]

St. Louis loses another receiver (Mark Clayton), so why don’t they go get Vincent Jackson? [Post-Dispatch]

Did Jay Mariotti’s lawyer have a conflict of interest? Sure sounds that way. [LA Times]

Will the SEC get shut out of the National title game for the first time in a few years? Everyone outside the South probably hopes so. [AJC]

Catching up with Mitch Kramer, the kid from Dazed & Confused who looks like Tim Lincecum. [WSJ]

The Rangers going up 2-0 and then losing two in a row has one writer in Texas thinking about the 2006 Dallas Mavericks. [Morning News]

The Clippers cut Duke guard Jon Scheyer over the weekend. [Clippers.com]

Pick an adjective, Memphis football is horrible. [Commercial Appeal]

With all these injuries, do you really think the Packers can still get to the Super Bowl? [Journal-Sentinel]

How nice of Gilbert Arenas! [Post]

Is Jenn Sterger cooperating with the NFL in the Favre investigation? [NYDN]

The freakish athletic ability of Julius Peppers was on display again yesterday.

Peyton Hillis, now starring in “Return of the White Running Back.”

Now that’s some DIII talent.

Because you want to see it first!

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