Saturday Roundup: Ray Ray's New Nickname, Ivanovic's Bathroom Break, Kevin Martin's Mortgage

Hey everybody. I had way too many links that I didn’t want to actually write about this weekend so I decided to give you a special edition Roundup. Since its a rare weekend round, I thought I would introduce everyone to Renee Olstead. (More here, here and here.) She almost made being awake on a Saturday morning worth it, didn’t she?

If you have any links, please send them along today. We’ll have our usual college football offerings, but if you want to talk about anything else you’re going to have to help out. You really need to start pulling your own weight around here.

Ana Ivonic prevails despite bathroom break penalty. (AP)

The Giambis will be witnesses at the Barry Bonds trial. (Philly.com)

The NBA’s best starting lineups. (DIME)

Raytorious L52. (ProCanes)

RJ Soward talks about taking money from Josh Luchs. (Sports Radio Interviews)

Another fight between adults at a youth football game. (The Journal Times)

Kevin Martin of the Kings defaults on his mortgage. (Sacramento Bee)

Is pass interference in the NFL out of control? (The Legend of Cecilio Guante)

LeBron’s knew kicks. (CBS Sports)

Aaron Rodgers is looking to play tomorrow despite his concussion. (ESPN Milwaukee)

[Your new favorite ginger via Getty]

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