BCS Rankings: Undefeated Boise Has "Ten Percent" Chance to Make Title Game

It’s too early to read into the BCS rankings, but one point is clear. The system is asinine. Even if you are anti-playoff and want a single title game, choosing the participants based on a melange of popular opinion and pseudo math is dumb. Computer rankings can’t account for margin of victory, but LAST SEASON’S RANKINGS are an acceptable variable. Even if the system works “most of the time” that’s not an argument for replacing it with a system that works every time.

Oklahoma is number one. It looks poised to stay. The rest of their schedule is laden with mediocrity. There a number of plausible challenges, but no probable ones. Discounting a Bob Stoops brain fart, the Sooners should go undefeated.

Boise State has a ten percent chance of making the title game. They are No. 3 in the BCS rankings but No. 7 according to the computers. This is the apex. Each week their strength of schedule will be diluted. They need chaos. Even if Boise is the only undefeated team, they have only a 50 percent chance.

Inertia from the pre-season polls is still predominant. TCU has been as brilliant as Boise. Voters dismiss them because they lost a bowl game to Boise, LAST SEASON. Oklahoma and Michigan State’s resumes are similar. The Sooners are ranked higher, because voters expected them to be good.

Eradicating the corruption is a loaded issue. Eradicating the system’s stupidity is not.

[Photo via @ErinAndrews]

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