Mark Sanchez and a Sideline Reporter*? Well, Lindsay McCormick Used to be an ESPN Intern ... [UPDATE]

Mark Sanchez has been “getting friendly” with new Portland Trailblazers Comcast Sports Northwest “personality” Lindsay McCormick, according to Page Six.

McCormick offered a spirited defense that they’re “just friends,” but if that’s the case, why has she been telling friends for weeks about how Sanchez has been playing the guitar for her when she travels East?

And why didn’t we write this earlier? (Good question.)

We heard the tale about McCormick and Sanchez last week from a source, who told us how she squeezed in trips to New York in August and September, and how Sanchez plays a mean guitar. (There probably won’t be many more of those trips with the NBA season starting, though.) Additionally: McCormick, an Auburn grad, is one of the most popular interns ESPN has ever had, according to multiple sources in Bristol. The Gameday Crew knows her well.

We’ve cryptically mentioned her on this site before. We hope to have more on this if things develop. In the meantime … follow her on twitter and Facebook.

UPDATE: McCormick went on the radio today to further deny the Sanchez rumors.

* Technically, she’s a reporter/personality/jack-of-all-trades for Comcast Sports Northwest.

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