PM Roundup: T.Ocho, Vick, Sterger's Wranglers, The Ombudsman, Whitlock and Lots of Pot

Krystal Forscutt was featured in the PM Roundup way back when it actually existed. I’m guessing some of you have never even seen a PM Roundup before and that’s alright. Don’t be scared. Its like a bunch of 1-liners in one post. You don’t have to start your work day over. Just take some time to Google the former contestant from Australian Big Brother. And remember to send links.

Whitlock on James Harrison. (FOX Sports)

If you’re hunting in Wisconsin and you stumble upon any pot plants, please call the police. (Channel 3000)

Quarterback Chad Henne thinks its very important to protect quarterbacks from getting hurt. (Sports Radio Interviews)

Mexic@n soliders burned 134 tons of pot. You’ll be disappointed to see how few hot pockets followed. (Yahoo!)

Apple is getting its own train stop in Chicago. (Chicago Now)

Someone from Wrangler called Jenn Sterger’s manager. Presumably to see if she had any other photos where his Wrangler’s were visible. (Sports Biz)

Michael Vick is ready to be a backup. I’m telling you, Kolb will be injured again by November. (PFT)

OJ’s appeal was overturned. (SI)

The terms of my bet with Zak Woods concerning Brock Lesnar versus Cain Velasquez. (Watch Kalib Run)

The T.Ocho Show isn’t exactly a hit. Aww… (Sports Media Watch)

The ombudsman on ESPN on Favre. (SPORTSNEWSER)

(H/T: FilmDrunk)

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