Roundup: Elin's Jewelry, FSU Player Faces Caning, Erin Andrews Eats Free & Ranking Candy Bars

Michelle Hunziker at Oktoberfest… JWoww turned down Playboy… random rapper running for office… sex.com sold for $13 million… scratch Mel Gibson’s Hangover 2 cameoTea Party link… most teen moms are in the Southdead body on board…. Bruce Pearl’s letter… I’m running the show today so send links to alumnigonzo@gmail.com. Or follow me on Twitter and @ me, bro!

Mike Miller injured his thumb. Riles, e-mail me. I’m lights-out from deep, I’ll play for the minimum and I’ll stay away from LeBron’s moms. (Sun Sentinel)

Erin Andrews eats for free in Columbia, Missouri this weekend. (Joe Sports Fan)

A former FSU football player is facing a caning in Singapore. (Orlando Sentinel)

Elin’s second fortune will come from all the guilt-jewelery¬†that Tiger gave her. Also – Beyonce is preggers!? (Chicago Sun-Times)

The ten best candy bars evar? Discuss. (Wasted Potentialz)

The latest Madden ’11 updates. (PastaPadre)

New stadium for Vikings is “highly likely.” (Star Tribune)

Brooklyn Decker SI shoot updates are not particularly safe for work. (Egotastic)

A cartoon about Tony Dungy and his high horse. (Tauntr)

A man snuck into the Michigan-Michigan State game with two assault rifles. (Comcast)

WSJ ran an inaccurate piece on Antiforclosure Lawyers. (Naked Capitalism)

A crocodile caused a plane crash. 20 people died. 1 person and the croc survived. The croc was then killed with a machete. (MSNBC)

In addition to Preston from Real World: New Orleans, Rajon Rondo also has a twin who happens to be a female model. (Black Sports Online)


Irish comedian David O’Doherty.

Don’t act like you wouldn’t at least try a piece.

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