Halloween Weekend Has Arrived

Halloween weekend is finally here. That means girls in awesome costumes and mass alcohol consumption. (In responsible moderation, of course.) It also means DOG IN A HOCKEY MASK. The chick is Tinsley Mortimer who is a socialite with a reality show I’ve never heard of. She’s also apparently  a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and James Madison. And I would find that fascinating, but DOG IN A HOCKEY MASK!

Anyway, what’s everyone going to be for Halloween? Last year I was Andre Agassi. Yes it was topical and yes I carried around a tennis ball canister that I filled with tiny yellow rocks. (That’s what meth looks like, right?) This year I have no idea what I’m going to be, so I’m open to suggestions. Things to keep in mind – I will have a mohawk and fu manchu later tonight. Or if you don’t care about me and what I’m wearing this weekend, feel free to discuss your favorite naughty costumes or whatever you’re dressing your rugrats up in this weekend. Or just talk about Angela cutting lose on The Office last night in an attempt to win thousands in savings.

Because you want to see it first!

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