Not Everybody at ESPN Was Thrilled With Hannah Storm's Ensemble at the Heat Game

Hannah Storm’s tight dress and knee-high boots ensemble Tuesday to the Heat-Celtics game obviously got plenty of play on the web … but it also had many of her ESPN brethren talking. And they’re not thrilled.

According to a source at ESPN, Storm’s colleagues in the arena that day couldn’t stop talking about her outfit selection – walking onto the court for the team’s shoot-around looking like you’re ready to go clubbing – and one person at the network said, “Tony Kornheiser made her a martyr.”

Kornheiser, of course, was suspended earlier this year for commenting on Storm’s wardrobe, so it’s not like anyone at the network is going to come out publicly and condemn Tuesday’s wardrobe selection. But our source says that it’s as if Storm has free reign to wear whatever she wants- while other women hear from their superiors when they wear something on air that may be construed as a bit over the line. Supposedly, Hannah was banned from wearing the bright red boots after the Kornheiser incident. Will she have to shelve the knee-high black boots, as well?

One other note: Expect to see lots of Storm this year as part of ESPN’s NBA coverage. She’ll be splitting time with Stuart Scott as host of ESPN’s NBA coverage, a move that should make NBA commish David Stern happy. We hear Stern is regularly in contact with ESPN suits about its NBA coverage … and he’s never been enamored with Scott.

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